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Poor Me or Pour Me

Leslie Shoots - September 12, 2013

blessing, caring, difficulties, giving, living, ministry, tragedy, trials

I heard a story once of a man who, after parking his car, set out for a day hike in the Sierra Nevada Mountains. Three miles into what was to be a relaxing afternoon, he noticed ominous storm clouds forming as the temperature dropped dangerously. Realizing a freak snowstorm was headed his way, the man began backtracking toward his car. He had a mile or so to go when the storm became so intense that he couldn’t see his hand in front of his face. Losing his way, he walked for two hours until he realized he was freezing.

Feeling a deadly lethargy, the man knew that if he sat down, he would never get up, so he fought it for as long as he could. But finally, the desire to rest was just too overpowering, so he sat down at the base of a tree, the snow still falling intensely.

As he sat down, he felt something next to him. Brushing away the snow, he discovered the body of a man who had evidently stopped to rest only a few moments earlier. Finding a pulse, the young man stood to his feet and, with a burst of newfound energy, picked up the man who had almost frozen to death, put him on his shoulders, and began walking feverishly.

After walking fifty yards or so, he bumped into the side of a cabin. Feeling his way to the front, he banged on the door, which was opened by a man who welcomed the pair inside to warm themselves by his roaring fire.

In attempting to save someone else, the young man was himself saved. In caring for someone else, he himself was cared for. And I think that’s what Jesus meant in Luke 6:38 when He said, “The measure you give out will be measured back to you."

When tragedy strikes or when trials come, we can either say, “Why is this happening to me? Poor me,” or we can say, “This can be used for Your glory, so pour me, Lord. Pour me out to the people in need all around me.”

What did our Jesus do in His time of tragedy, in His time of pain? Even as He hung on the Cross in agony, He ministered to a man beside Him, to a woman below Him, and to the crowd around Him. Jesus will never lose control emotionally or grieve hysterically. Therefore, neither must we.

I'm not talking about keeping a stiff upper lip, having a positive attitude, or a "don’t worry, be happy" mentality. I’m talking about the reality of our Jesus living in you and me through both good and bad.

Stay in the place of ministry gang! May we follow the example of Jesus. When difficulties come our way, the best thing we can do is go for it more than we ever have before, in giving out, in sharing with, and in caring for those beside us and all around us.

That's my prayer for us, family. Be a blessing: abide in the Blesser!