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Know God

The Whole New Testament in 2019

In 2019, we are reading the entire New Testament together. Will you commit to reading it with us daily? Go to www.Know.Gd and get started today! You will be glad you did ...

Special Messages

various sermons

A collection of sermons on various topics or special holiday services by a variety of South Church pastors, elders and friends.


God Sent His Son

Christmas is a sacred time every year at South Church. We remember the life-changing truth that God sent his beloved son to rescue us from our sins. Jesus is our Immanuel. He is "God with us." In the ups and downs of our lives; Jesus is right there with us ... to comfort, redeem, motivate, and walk with us.

Set Free to Worship


God sets us free so that we can worship Him. God liberates from the bondage of our sin. God provides the last, Passover lamb, Jesus Christ, to take our place, on the cross for our salvation. Jesus pays our penalty, as our substitute, to provide us with atonement with God. Jesus lives the perfect life for us. Then, Jesus dies the perfect, atoning death for us. Indeed, God is the Author and Perfecter of our faith. Worship Jesus Christ today for his sacrifice for us!

What in the World is God Doing?


In his letter to the Roman Christians, Paul explains the rescue mission of God. God's plan of salvation is both personal and cosmic. God is redeeming individuals and all of His fallen creation. Thank God that He is rescuing sinful people (like us) by grace alone, through faith alone, in Christ alone, for God's glory and our joy.


the Gospel of the Kingdom

In John's Gospel, we met Jesus the Son of God. In Luke's Gospel, we meet Jesus the Son of Man. In Mark's Gospel, we meet Jesus the suffering Servant. And with Matthew we embark on our Gospel-journey to meet Jesus: the Sovereign King.

Matthew begins by leading us down royal lines of our King's lineage.

From His birth He began threatening other earthly kings.

Futile efforts to find & kill Him were thwarted by wise men & magi. Upon finding their infant King, they fell and worshipped with royal gifts from the east.

In time, John the Baptist would join the herald of heavenly hosts, proclaiming the King & His Kingdom at hand!

Satan affirmed Jesus' reign by his efforts to tempt Him to a Kingdom exchange.

The sermons of the Sovereign One would also convince on-listeners of His heavenly descent: "He speaks as one with authority, not like our scribes & Pharisees."

During His crucifixion trial He made His own declaration: "My Kingdom is not of this world." Heaven's King came to reign upon the earth. The Cross would be the means by which He would conquer, a stumbling block for the proud, but grace to the humble.

Shaking off death like dust, Jesus proved His dominion over hell when He arose from the grave.

And ultimately, Matthew's final words record his Messiah's pronouncement: "All authority in heaven & earth has been given to Me."

Despite great lengths that Matthew went to in order to convince us of Christ the King, he faithfully & painfully focuses also upon the Messiah's rejection by His own people. Like no other Gospel, Matthew depicts the hostility of the religious leaders who refused their King. Of Himself He said, “Foxes have holes, and birds of the air have nests, but the Son of Man has nowhere to lay his head.”

But Matthew also includes chapter 24 wherein we learn of the Son of Man's second coming at an unexpected hour, full of glory, judgement & power. Will the bride be ready?

No other Gospel provides more instruction, direction and power for faithful followers commissioned to represent Christ the King throughout the earth.

Christmas 2017

Making Much of Jesus

At Christmas, we often get distracted from the main things. We get swept away with travel, shopping, family dysfunction, and entertainment. Instead, this year, let's focus on what is lasting and eternal. Meditate on this ... God sent His only, beloved Son to rescue, redeem, and restore us. "In Christ, God was reconciling the world to himself, not counting their sins against them, and entrusting to us the message of reconciliation" (II Corinthians 5:19). Receive God's empowering grace today. God wants to empower and send you on this life-changing mission of gospel reconciliation. Will you go?


In the Beginning ... God

Who are you? How do you know? Can we really know ourselves, our lives, our friends, our community, our world... anything without knowing the Maker of all things? Where do you begin and end? South Church, can we be a rescue mission, a family desperately depending on almighty God, well-equipped to point others to their hope of life, without knowing Him who is eternal life? "This is eternal life, that they know you the only true God, and Jesus Christ whom you have sent" (John 17.3). We exist to glorify God by enjoying Him forever! But we cannot enjoy who we do not know. By His grace, as the light of Genesis is exposed before our eyes and ears, may we learn more of who He is, how He is, and, therefore, who and how we are to glorify and enjoy Him forever.

Vision & Mission

why, where, what & how

"Remember!" It is amazing how many times this word appears in the Old Testament alone. So often we forget where God is calling and how He means for us to get there.

This is an ongoing series, added to from time to time as the Lord speaks through His Word to keep us focused and on task in Proclaiming Jesus to Restore His Family & Sustain His Church.

Christmas 2016

God Sent His Son

Christmas and Easter are times of celebration. At Christmas, God sent his Son to reach, rescue, and redeem us. At Easter, God raised his Son to justify, purify, and forgive us. How can we not be filled with joy! What great news! What joy!

The Good Life

Book of Titus

Paul wrote to Titus about leadership, church planting, servant leadership, facing opposition, false teaching, and the beauty of Christ's Gospel. Join us as we learn from these old paths to new joy.

Christmas 2015 - Love One Another

Gospel Community - I John

Christmas is all about God's love for us. He sent His Son as a missionary to ransom and redeem us. And now, God asks us to join his rescue mission. We love others well because God first loved us well.

Gospel Doctrine

the foundation of HOPE

Jan 11, 2015—Feb 15, 2015

There's a popular greeting in the south that goes something like this: "Whatcha know good?" And it's usually followed by the standard reply, "Not much. How 'bout you?"

Well, how about you? Do you know any good news? How about the Gospel? How ready are you to share the Good News the next time you hear that question?

I wonder what kind of responses we'd get if we took a "Gospel Survey" on any given Sunday at the bowling alley? No telling what might find its way into an explanation of the core of our hope. The Gospel is really a simple message. But it's also one of those inexhaustible truths. The further into it you look, the deeper it gets.

Why don't you join us for five-lessons in God's Word and discover the biblical doctrines--the truths of Scripture--that make the Gospel such good news.


lifting the fog from our faith

Jan 12, 2014—Mar 30, 2014

What are doctrines?

Doctrine means "teaching" or "instruction". Essentially, they are the core of what we believe, the building blocks of our faith and the source of every one of our actions.

How important it is to ensure that what we believe is founded on the solid rock of God's Word.

What do you believe & why?